Space Technology For Daily Use – Information Medicine Vita-Chip

Space Technology For Daily Use Vita-Chip Information Medicine

We had the chance to have an insight for new ways to keep us young and powerful by natural means. The Wake News Vital – Team interviewed Peter Andres and Dr. Rainer Schneider on a breaking new device based on natural minerals and magnetite which also keeps astronauts fit in their environment outside of Earth boundaries. Vita-Chip is a new Swiss made natural technology made for Space and Earth in order to serve the health of mankind. A mindbreaking new information medicine which will revolutionize our well being!

Listen for yourself:


More about the Vita-Chip:
The Vita Chip harmonizes negative energy with the help of scalar waves. As a result you experience more vitality and life-quality.

Positive experiences of users:
· a calmer and more restful sleep
· more Vitality and Energy
· improved concentration
· improves breathing
· reduction of head, shoulder and back pains as well as joint problems
· overall better health and wellbeing
· an improved ambiance of the house and office
· reduction of magnetic and fields of description

With the Vita Chip you turn your electronic devices, for instance cell phones etc., into bioresonance device.

Developed with the latest aerospace technology
· produced in Switzerland
· our products stand for the highest quality and the latest technological innovations
· the Vita Chip was produced for many applications such as the harmonization of negative energies, food products, beverages and rooms

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